“Sonic Frontiers”: The trailer first time revealed its Open World Adventure

Sonic has become the breath of the world after the first of its open zone game. SEGA  has declared that their upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog has been newly titled with Sonic frontiers. The trailer has been exposed to such a new official name with the latest Sonic title, and also even teased the “open zone” aspect with the next adventure Blue Blur.

It seems that the trailer for not even much about the way of the gameplay, but it has given such short glimpses at the world about the player will get the opportunity to run around with the insane speeds.

Sonic Frontiers: Trailer Details

Sonic Frontiers' Debut Trailer Hints at an Impressive New Open-World  Direction

It has also revealed such lush environments like sunset-tinged hills, waterfalls, and also forests with the remnants having something ancient that is also residing with towers can be evoked as Breath of the Wild or may be any number of Ubisoft games that have been set out in the distance. The trailer has been ended with Sonic battling against some type of mechanical giant.

It has exposed such open-world hub areas also like both Sonic Adventure games and it is the first time in the series long history and it will be taking the game to, “open zone inspired”. The USA  creative officer of the Sonic team  Takashi Lizuka had also this to say on the changing of the game from the usual formula of Sonic,  he says, “

Sonic Frontiers Trailer Reveals BOTW-Like Open-World Adventure

This Sonic Frontiers was the first game to be unveiled at the time of Sonic Central Livestream back in May to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary. It has been developed by Sonic Team and also has been headed up by the producer Sachiko Kawamura, who also has served as the art director with a  number of Sonic titles like Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed and the director Morio Kishimoto and also served at the same position on Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World, and it will also feature such original storyline from Ian Flynn with the writer of the cult classic Sonic Boom animated TV show.

Sonic Frontiers the Game Awards Trailer | JCR Comic Arts

This game has set to release in holiday 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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