Cowboy Bebop: Netflix just has been cancelled the series

    Now the most interesting and hot update about Netflix is the cancellation of Cowboy Bebop after just three weeks on the service. This show was dropped on 17th November. It is the latest live-action series that has been adapted from the popular animation series.

    After representing this series to the audiences there are so many controversies that are heard on the internet. On 9th December 2021, The Hollywood reporter has been confirmed that this show was cancelled.

    Netflix decides to cancel Cowboy Bebop after only one season | Marca

    Cowboy Bebop: Netflix’s Top 10 Data

    The top 10’s of Netflix have been provided with the daily look in the US and also around the globe. When the show was just got off to the slow beginning and has been made to the ground over at the first weekend of its position in the top 10 s started to slip rather dramatically.

    On 9th December, the show had been fallen and Netflix’s top 10s are also around the globe. We have shared the chart that shows the series is facing a dramatic drop with the coming of the new shows that are also pushing it out and also about the audiences that have been generally dropping away.

    top 10 chart for cowboy bebop

    In the US, Cowboy Bebop has been remained in the TV top 10s as of December  9th, 2021 but also just at the eighth position. This time the series just have come at the number 1 in the US between 23rd November and 24th and also in the TV top 10s between  November 21sty and the 24th. It will appear within such a few days, and the show would have been dropped out of the US top 10s completely.

    In the UK YV top 10, Cowboy Bebop had been presented for the first 14 days after release before it has been dropped. We have found typically that the shows have to be the sticky around and the 30-day mark for getting such renewed although this is purely from the observation.

    Why has Cowboy Bebop been cancelled on Netflix after just one season of the  live-action series? - Manchester Evening News

    Cowboy Bebop: Hourly View of Netflix

    They have just exposed such top 10 hourly view figures having four categories each week. After the release of Cowboy Bebop, the show has also been featured each of the weeks.

    On 8th December, we have just hot their weeks of data so far from where the series has been picked up 73,840,000 hours, and it is worth to be nothing that on to recent trajectory, and the show is just likely to feature in the top 10s for the fourth week. It seems that the show is just notably to be launched within several days in the November 14th to 21st week on 19th November.

    The second week was the first full week of the series that was on Netflix and in the third week it has been faced a 59 percent drop, but the other shows like Locke & Key and Arcane had over 100,000,000 watching hours at the same time period.

    November 28th, 2021 to December 5th, 202115,260,0003
    November 21st, 2021 to November 28th, 202136,950,0002
    November 14th, 2021 to November 21st, 202121,630,0001

    Cowboy Bebop: IMDb MovieMeter

    It is true that IMDb is the huge movie search engine on the planet from where you also can get the view and also the information that will read the reviews of the shows and films. We have also told the shows that are based on the popularity on the movie meter that tracks the traffic to the individual shows and also the film pages.

    imdb movie meter cowboy bebop

    The series also has been managed to the peak that the movie meter chart between November 21st and November 28th but it has slumped down the position at the top 10 of the week following. There are also some of the stars of Cowboy Bebop that have been boosted up to the StarMeter’s containing most notably Daniella Pineda who had the number 2 like 7th December and Elena Satine who just has risen at the number 3.

    Cowboy Bebop cast and fans react to Netflix cancelling the show | Marca

    Cowboy Bebop: SambaTV View Statistics

    It seems that the TV data analytics and the software company mamba TV have been declared that the viewing stats for the Cowboy Bebop for the first week. Now, it is unfortunate, that SambaTV data is relatively hard to compare and it will also be provided that they often declare the stats for the different time periods.

    It is reported that 981k US households have been watched the series premiere of Netflix’s live-action in the first week of streaming. Additionally, it is stated that Portland, OR, and Seattle were the two states that have been seemed to watch the series more than other locations in the US.

    Cowboy Bebop: Additional Statistic

    Google Trends is that insightful but it does give us an idea as to where the show has been resonating the most. Here is the list  of the top regions on 7th December 2021:

    • United States – 100
    • New Zealand – 85
    • Canada – 75
    • Australia – 64
    • Puerto Rico – 61
    • Chile – 51
    • Singapore – 44
    • Philippines – 42
    • United Kingdom – 42
    • Ireland – 40

    A big thanks for the source.

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