Tudum: Netflix Introduces a new entertainment News Site

    Desiring to upgrade the engagement of subscribers, and draw new subscribers, Netflix has set up the entertainment news site Tudum.gv The chief marketing officer at Netflix, Bozoma Saint John, officially announced the launch in a blog post. She mentioned the release of Tudum earlier this fall, the first-ever global fan event for Netflix and even added they were very excited about the same. Bozoma further added that it would be a place where all the fans could dive deeper into the stories they admire.

    Tudum: A Deeper Information to Inside Stories

    The effort is still in its initial days. The blog further revealed, with more time the site would provide the customers with inside stories on series like an opening date for season 4 of “Cobra Kai”, intense background information on content such as if “Maid” is made after a real story and even ways to purchase a “Squid Game” tracksuit. Netflix is planning to add more features to the website that surprise the subscribers and provide them with a seamless experience.

    The launch has indeed come at an interesting time. It’s the time when there’s tough competition between streaming services. It has even boosted the churn rates. The new launch can be helpful to retain and attract more subscribers as it provides them with inner information about films and series.

    Curated Tudum Experience for Users Logging in with Netflix ID

    Access to the site is free for anyone who wants to sign in. However, individuals logging in with their Netflix ID will have a curated and better experience. The new website is currently available globally. Users can only access it in English as of now. However, the streaming giant has plans to initiate other languages too, for the website and make it more acceptable to the subscribers.

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