AIFF and FSDL to invest INR 10 crores in the development program of elite referee

    According to the reports FSDL (Football Sports Development Program organizers of the Indian Super League along with AIFF (All India Football Federation) are said to invest more than a massive amount of INR 10 crore in the upcoming three years with the concern of the development of the referees in India.

    The PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Board), the international authority which administers the referees to the EPL (English Premier League) has come on board as strategic partners in the project of the Elite Referee Development Program.

    The PGMOL representatives will share their expertise and administer guidance with a focus to form a robust ecosystem for the officials in the match through the long term partnership between ISL and Premier League.

    News from a source

    Sources state that refereeing being an integral element of football the program is a testament to AIFF and FDSL’s commitment to the holistic development of this respective sport in India. PGMOL is much delighted to in assisting raise the standards of Indian football refereeing.

    The source also stated that the program will develop professionalism at the elite level in refereeing in India. Also, it will decrease errors and increase the perceived quality of the Indian referees in the upcoming years.  The program will count upon the procedures already adopted by the EPL with having a similar focus in mind.

    Things in the program

    There will be various things in the program including a hi-tech e-learning platform for the education of referees and implementation of a digitized referee assessment process via server-based video and cloud techniques.

    Many controversies take place regarding the decision of the referees, which even demotivates the players sometimes, and also makes footballers furious with them. To avoid all these situations, the new technique is being processed, and hopefully, Indian football will derive results soon.

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