Netflix Chooses to Cancel Cowboy Bebop After Only the First Season

    Amidst the video game applications of Arcane’s justice, Cowboy Bebop maintains with anime adaptations’ historic issues at Netflix. After streaming for a season with the November premiere, Netflix shockingly decided to cancel the show. Despite several negativities to season 1, fans for Cowboy Bebop weren’t numbered too, and they enjoyed the adaptation to the fullest. Though the show ran for only 24 episodes, Shinichiro Watanabe’s work remained to be one of the most impactful!

    Why did Netflix Choose to Cancel Cowboy Bebop So Quick?

    The reasons behind the drastic downfall for Cowboy Bebop were many. First came the massive negative reactions from the audience and the critic. As soon as the show started, critics put an alarming 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans were a bit considerate with still a low rating of 56% on the famous rating site.

    These ratings are enough for a streaming service to wrap up a show. Taking an attempt to mess with a legendary IP is anyways an impossible task for anyone. Cowboy Bebop modified the lives of generations and fans have it very near to their heart. Fans will surely wait for a day when an anime adaptation turns out to be good.

    Which One Stands Out?

    The one that perhaps did a better job than the rest, is James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel, in 2019. It had over 400 million dollars gross at the box office. However, there still hasn’t been any instance of a show grossing for a billion or something even closer to that. From the list of some of the infamous anime adaptations, we can sight, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (2017) ‘Dragon Ball: Evolution, (2009), ‘Death Note’ (2017, Netflix).

    All these adaptations have one thing in common. They mix up too much with the source content in regards to storytelling. They mostly switch the critical elements of the original creation and madden the fans as a consequence.

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