All the Tips and Tricks for the Fortnite Chapter 3 (Season 1)

    Fortnite has come back for the third chapter season 1. It is the 19th season of the popular battle royal game It is very exciting and some big changes in the gameplay have been promised to shake the players completely.

    AS you can watch that there are many sorts of the latest locations based on the new chapter of the map. It is containing a desert biome, that is a tropical lagoon, and also an entire bunch of the series. It is just looking like titling the Towers that have been buried in the snow and will reveal very slowly as it starts to melt. There are a number of new gameplay and the items have been added. In this new season, you will get many exciting things like weapons, maps, and also many more things.

    Fortnite vault, how to open it with another player, Fortnite challenge week 1  season 1 of chapter 3 - Gamingsym

    Fortnite Chapter 3 (Season 1): Opening the Vault

    In the entire Fortnite, three are seven vaults in Fortnite, it has been named appropriately as the seven vaults as it belongs to The Seven. For getting the vault you just need to play the game mode other than the solo queues. While you just come upon the vault then there is nothing that you can do to open it other than get the entire team for staying close to it.

    It indicates that whatever you have done in the duos, trios, or as a squad, you will just need to be a least one player to cooperate. After you convene, the vault will unlock slowly  It is a bit loud that all the vaults are located  In the seven outposts and guarded by non-hostile NPCs apparent guardians who have been working for The Seven.

    After the entire team is near and the door of the vault has been opened and inside it, you will find the several seven chests, that is like Henchmen’s chests from the past seasons, and it contains several items each need often some of the better loot of the game.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: How To Slide

    Fortnite Chapter 3 (Season 1): Sliding in Fortnite

    In this Fortnite Chapter 3, there is a  new feature like sliding. This time sliding I a new mechanic and also very easy for pulling off.  At the time of sprinting your character, you can hold the crouch button by default that is the right stick on the controller and Ctrl key on the keyboard to initiate a slide. It is true that the hole is only needed to begin the slide. As you are sliding you can let go of the crouch button and also can forward momentum to carry you through the need of the slide. You can also cancel the slide by pressing the crouch button once again. It is very fun to slide in the Fortnite. We will like to inform you if you are going down on a slope tour can side much longer and also even a bit faster.

    Fortnite vault, how to open it with another player, Fortnite challenge week 1  season 1 of chapter 3 - Gamingsym

    Fortnite (Chapter 3): Map

    This map has been featuring mostly the brand new name that has been placed of interest, and the traditional Fortnite fashion also has reimagined the past locations like the Pleasant Park, which has been featured nearly to all of the  18 seasons of Fortnite.

    Epic has not to stop tits’ stewing in the two years after it has been disappeared. There are several biomes and also long PUBG like bridges that have really made the sense but bearing to the mind the ideas that can just be coming from the fan who has also such a good sense of understanding the way that pic has been designed to the maps.

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Map, named locations, and places of interest -  Gamepur

    The same user also will be designing the concept that has been based on the early  Epic rendition and says the looking chapter 3 differently, and it has been included that some POIs and also the biomes are expected to appear in the final version.

    In this, the leaks of Fortnite already come nearly like the sunrises, and we would not need to wait until Chapter 3  starts and we also can see the new island for ourselves. The Chapter 2 finale starts on 4th December at 1 PM PT/ 4 PM ET.

    In this, you can queue the playlist for The End with up to the 15 others as quickly as 30 minutes beforehand for reserving the virtual seat for this show. It has been expected to be one of the largest spectacles we have been ever in Fortnite, you should not miss it.

    Here is the list:

    Sleepy Camp Cuddle

    Logjam Lumberyard

    Shifty Shafts

    Sleepy Sound

    Coney Crossroads

    The Daily Bugle building


    The Joneses

    Condo Canyon

    Conker’s Speedway

    Rocky Reels

    Greasy Groves

    New Items

    A number of new gameplay items have been added in Fortnite’sthird chapter. These include:

    Fortnite Tent - Where To Find & How To Use In Chapter 3 Season 1


     You can use tents to heal up and to store items that can be used in future matches. This is the first time players have been able to save items for future matches.

    Fortnite Victory Crowns Explained: Why Some Players' Names Are In Gold -  GameSpot

    Victory Crowns. 

    This is basically all about bragging rights. If you win a match, you get a Victory Crown. If you wear it into the next match and win again, you can use a special emote to show off how many Crowned Victory Royales you have. Placing top 4 in solos, top 2 in Duos and #1 in Trios and Squads will get you a crown.

    Those Spider-Man Web Shooters In Fortnite Chapter 3


    These aren’t coming to the game until December 11th at 10 am ET, but they’ll let you shoot webs and swing around on them like Spider-Man. Combined with the new sliding mechanic this should really make mobility fun this season.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3 - Season 1: What Is Med-Mist? - Cultured Vultures


     This is a healing spray canister with 150 HP to spray on yourself or a teammate.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3 - Season 1: What Is Guzzle Juice?

    Guzzle Juice

    Basically, slurp juice but with a twist. While one bottle will slowly heal you to 100% health, taking damage while healing will halt the process.

    All Vaulted & Unvaulted Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 List -  Fortnite Insider


    You’ll need to open these with a teammate (or an enemy if you can communicate a truce). It’s part of the new emphasis on working together. You can revive or reboot teammates by having more than one player chip in also.


    These sturdy, speedy little vehicles have been unvalued, replacing Shopping Carts and ATKs.

    New Weapons

    Quite a few new weapons have been added to the game. I like that these are all more traditional weapons but still quite different from what we’ve used in the past. No laser guns, no ‘Primal’ weapons (thank god) but some nice twists on military-style guns.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: Ranger Assault Rifle Stats & Location - Cultured  Vultures

    Ranger Assault Riffle

    A medium-to-long-range assault rifle that gives you a bit more accuracy at long range than this class typically offers.

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: MK Seven Assault Rifle; Where to find and more  | PINKVILLA

    MK-SEVEN Assault Rifle

    This is a fun gun that I used to great effect in my Victory Royale match today. When you aim it zooms down the scope like a sniper rifle, putting you into first-person instead of third. Very useful!

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: Striker Pump Shotgun Stats & Location - Cultured  Vultures

    Striker Pump Shotgun

    This guy pumps out a very powerful spread of pellets.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: Auto Shotgun Stats & Location - Cultured Vultures

    Auto Shotgun

    Not as powerful as the Striker, but much faster. You even reload faster, loading two shells at a time.

    All New Weapons And Items In Fortnite Chapter 3 - GameSpot

    Sidearm Pistol

    The epic describes this as an accurate weapon that deals high damage at medium range and high headshot damage at close range.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: Stinger SMG Stats & Location - Cultured Vultures

    Stinger SMG 

    As the name suggests, this one is a prickly, very fast-firing SMG designed for close-to-medium combat dealing high damage to enemy players and structures.

    Fortnite: Chapter 3: Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Stats & Location

    Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 

    This is a great sniper rifle mainly because you can shoot three bullets before reloading. It’s not very fast but it gives you those extra couple of shots if you miss the first time. I won that match I talked about before with this gun, nabbing my 8th elimination by putt.

    Fortnite Chapter 3 battle pass

    It would be weird for Fortnite to not include a battle pass for the inaugural season of Chapter 3, so of course, they’ve got one ready.

    The official Polish Fortnite YouTube channel jumped the gun and posted its trailer early, and although it was quickly taken down players had already saved copies. Now Epic has posted an official trailer.

    A big thanks for the source1, Source2, Source3, Source4.

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