“Spider-Man: No Way Home”: The excitement of the film has brought down the server of the websites and some were unable to book tickets

    It is true that the new Spider-Man film has already created an exciting environment among the audience. In North America, there are several pre-release tickets that are already sold and after that, it has been reported that many just become unable to book tickets for their film as the sites of the theatre become crashed. It seems that the excitement of the fans is just flowing like a stream in the river.

    It is true that this thing is no bee quite surprising. It has been seen that Marvel and Sony are just going to sell the movie as mini-Avengers.   From Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, this film also has returned several old villains from the previous Spider-man franchises that have been faced by Tobey Maguire am d Andrew Garfield.

    Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Some Hidden Details Facts And Important  Connection Tom Holland Zendaya Benedict Cumberbatch

    The names of the villains are Electro, Doctor Strange, Green Goblin,  Sandman, and also Lizard who are already confirmed. After the movie has broken several pre-release tickets for sales there are records in North America, and it has been reported that many become unable to book tickets for the film due to crashing of the theatre sites.

    On the other hand, one fan was more detailed:“ I got to select my #SpiderMan seats on AMC, then it said it was going to charge me for both tickets, while also asking if they were A-List reservations or not. Backed out, chose other seats, then didn’t even give me the A-List option. Waited in line again, and now it crashed lmao. ”

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    This film was registered earlier as the biggest advanced ticket sales of many movies in the pandemic time like Fandango. The tickets of the film have been sold a bigger than any film since  2019’s Avengers: Endgame and also a huge achievement for the global pandemic.

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