Cristiano Ronaldo has a priceless bond with Sir Alex Ferguson: Getting Support During his Father’s Illness to Being Present During his Statue Unveiling

    Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United as talented young blood at 17 back in 2003. Sir Alex Ferguson, the then manager of the Devils, is a father figure to Ronaldo. The Portugal international mentioned how Ferguson had a critical role to back for his return to Old Trafford. Ronaldo even put a special thanks for him in his new Instagram post.

    Cristiano Ronaldo-Sir Alex Ferguson Relationship

    Cristiano Ronaldo, the epitome of craze and a legendary football figure with more than 800 career goals, has billions of global fans. He even holds the current world record of being the most followed sportsperson on Instagram. A person with so many fans is himself the fan of Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Fergie supported Ronaldo in his tough times after his father fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. Later, during the unveiling of Fergie’s statue at Old Trafford, the Portuguese superstar made a virtual appearance to facilitate his contributions throughout.

    Supporting Ronaldo During His Father’s Illness

    At a crucial point, during Ronaldo’s father’s illness, Ferguson stood beside him. Back in 2003, Jose Dinis Aveiro was hospitalized after years of alcohol abuse. Fergie, without any hesitation, suggested Ronaldo go on leave, even though he could miss out on crucial games. Cristiano revealed that Ferguson asked him to even though he was important for the games but his father was the priority.

    Ronaldo’s Virtual Presence During Fergie’s Statue Unveiling

    In 2012, United unfolded the statue of their greatest manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Then, Ronaldo made a live virtual appearance to pay tribute to his father figure. He even apologized for being unable to be present in person, due to his then ongoing packed schedule in Real Madrid.

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