Barca, Real Madrid and Athletic Club present an alternative CVC deal to the La Liga clubs

    The La Liga giants Barca, Real Madrid and Athletic club submitted their CVC alternative to their other counterparts of the La Liga tournament. The CVC deal of one of the greatest football tournaments, the La Liga, made plenty of headlines earlier in this current season with the total number of Primera clubs signing for this agreement if 17.

    As per the CVC agreement, the deal has a considerable cash amount, with the majority of it spent on the infrastructure, which is upfront in exchange for television revenues. However, 17 of 20 clubs accepted this offer with 3 rejecting the deal and the money including Real Madrid, Barcelona and the Athletic club. However, these three clubs including Madrid led by Florentino Perez, have put forward an alternative idea naming it as a “Sustainable Project”.

    The alternative idea of the CVC deal

    According to the alternative idea of the CVC deal, the clubs will be offered a loan at the rate of 2.5% to 3% per year along with a 25-year agreement rather than 50 years which was said in the former deal. By accumulating the details an estimation of cost for the clubs will be 900 million euros rather than 2 billion euros. Also, it is essential to keep in mind that the people behind the sustainable project will provide these long figures.

    Advantages of the alternative deal

    If seen deeply, the alternative CVC deal is advantageous than the normal CVC deal, which costs the La Liga clubs 15 times less than the original one, protecting the audiovisual rights unlike the CVC deal, and offering 10% for 50 years.

    This alternative deal will also ensure that no entity outside La Liga won’t have any management influence on the tournament with this specific deal. It is to be seen what happens next, and if the rest of the La Liga clubs come in for this alternative idea or stay fixed with the CVC deal.

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