Lewis Hamilton might have a female driving partner at Mercedes?

As per sources, there is a possibility that Formula 1 legend, Lewis Hamilton might have a female driving partner at Mercedes. Reports state that the keen prospect, in this case, is Jamie Chadwick with the Brit who is an open admirer of the sport and is also the most promising female driver. Also, the 23-year-old young lady has said herself that she would certainly love to be the teammate of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton someday.

Jamie Chadwick being a partner of Lewis Hamilton

Jamie Chadwick said that she would not say that she’d beat him but certainly will love to go against Lewis. Hamilton is incredible and she thinks that what he has achieved in this sport is indeed amazing. In her opinion, Lewis Hamilton is the greatest of all time and having him as a teammate would be pretty special to her, Jamie added.

Jamie Chadwick in her arena has dominated the women circuits in recent years. She has emerged victoriously in both of the Women-only W series since the tournament was introduced two years ago.

Women Drivers in F1

Women have also been participating in Formula 1 for a long. The last female participant in the F1 was Lella Lombardi in 1976, but at present, it seems like Jamie Chadwick is likely to end the wait for another. The young lady is fully aware of the need to see more women take part in this particular sport, and is all set to rise to the challenge.

Chadwick said that more opportunities are to be created for women to get into Formula 1. What the “W” series is doing is providing women much more exposure than they have given us before. It is certainly the opportunity for the young girls to come to this male-dominated sport, and there is a great hope that lots of women are likely to get involved here soon.

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