The terrific unbeaten run of Virgil van Dijk at Anfield: Seven Stats of him!

    Dutch player and Liverpool’s star player Virgil van Dijk has been in phenomenal form for his club, who possess some incredible facts about himself, which points him as one of the world’s foremost defenders.

    Among all those, the most incredible fact about him is his unbeaten long run at the Premier League for Liverpool’s scared Anfield home. He came to the club in January 2018, and since then, the centre-back hasn’t lost a single PL game. These are his 7 stats that reflects on his journey and how terrific his unbeaten journey is. Fans are desiring this journey to grow more, and see more of Virgil van Dijk.

    7 stats of Virgil van Dijk

    • With the victory of Liverpool against Arsenal in November 2021, the unbeaten run of Virgil van Dijk moved to 53 Premier League games without a defeat at Anfield.
    • Out of his 53 undefeated games, he has a victory rate of 84.9% at Anfield with 45 wins, and 8 draws.
    • His unbeaten run includes four league games against Arsenal, three against Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City, and two against Manchester United.
    • When Virgil van Dijk played at Anfield in the league, Liverpool has conceded only 38 goals which is just an average of 0.7% of the game.
    • There are 25 PL clean sheets at Anfield that Van Dijk has recorded which signified almost once every other game, his club, Liverpool has dominated their opposition out when the Dutch International team has played at home.
    • Since Van Dijk’s joining, Liverpool has lost 17 games in the Premier League in his absence. The loss ratio stands at 35.3%.
    • His Premier League debut was on 4th February 2018 against Spurs. It ended in a 2-2 draw. His undefeated Premier League Anfield string lasted till 1388 days.

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