Lebron James was Suspended for one game with the Lakers being able to save a tax of 500,000 dollars

The NBA popular team Los Angeles Lakers will be able to save a massive tax payment of 532,508 dollars with a consequence of their star player Lebron James being suspended for one match. He was imposed after a foul of Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart in their third-quarter match against New York Knicks on Sunday.

The foul of Lebron James

Lebron James hit an elbow to Stewart as they collided, and the latter one fell on the floor with full of blood on his face. This was before he tried to rush Lebron, which was restrained by both the teams as well as the stewards and coaches. Also, Stewart is suspended for the upcoming two games. Lebron initially tried to apologize to Stewart after the collision, however, Stewart brushed him off.

Tax Credit for Lakers

Though the incident was not good, as a massive collision happened, consequently the suspension of the two players took place, but eventually, Los Angeles Lakers got a huge benefit. With the suspension of Lebron James, they will be awarded a luxury tax credit of 142,002 dollars, leading them to save a massive total of 532,508 dollars, being added to the salary of Lebron which amounts to 284,004 dollars.

The luxury tax which the Lakers will get is not dollar-for-dollar. The tax increases with the result of deeper a team gradually go and delves into it. Along with that, the lakers have a payroll of 157 million dollars.

The Lakers will next lock horns with Pacers on Thursday, and next they will go face to face with the Kings on November 27. It is to be seen how they perform against the Pacers without their star player Lebron, and how Lebron performs after he comes back to the team in their game versus the Kings.

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