ICC explains their motive behind the two-year T20 World Cup Cycle

    On Monday, the International Cricket Council asserted that a two-year T20 World Cup cycle is essential for the growth of cricket as this format is contested by all the members. ICC being the global governing body last week disclosed that the ICC events’ schedule from the years 2024 to 2031 is a tournament to be slated every year.

    ICC CEO Geoff Allardice in this regard

    Geoff Allardice, the CEO of ICC said in this regard that they have got different events in different formats. He stated that he thinks the decision to organize ICC T20 World Cups with 2 years span, is a very conscious one to go for and positions T20 as the growth format of the game across all formats.

    He further added that the T20 World Cup 2021 just finished in the UAE and Oman and was played for the first time in five years, provided the amount of T20 International Cricket to be played and also the fact remains that so many members across countries are playing in this format, which is too long. Their significant aim is to regulate it on a two-year rotation so it goes on a more consistent frequency.

    Will help grow the T20 format across members

    Groff Allardice also said that one of the best things about cricket is that when a particular trend established itself, the teams, as well as their opponents, work out a way to counter that. He thinks that there is a specific theory of winning the toss and winning the game that existed in this tournament so he is sure that when the teams gather in Australia for the next T20 WC in 2022, the dynamic will be different.

    He also added that whether it is tactics talking to different people, it did not seem to be one of the significant reasons why that was the cause. And he is sure that coaches and the analysts, as well as the players, will set their focus on that theory to change that.

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