Qatar World Cup without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Portugal failed to secure automatic qualification for the upcoming 2022 Qatar Worldcup. Consequently, they will need to play the playoffs to ensure their spot. Fans are terrified that Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the verge of missing out on his probable last world cup. The Portuguese star’s brand name will get a huge blow too since he’s a significant source of income through marketing campaigns and ocean-like social media followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Seniors Lay Faith on Cristiano Ronaldo and His Leadership Abilities

Former Portugal player, Paulo Futre states that Cristiano Ronaldo will never miss great competitions and the two games are going to be crucial for him. He further added, the playoff is a disappointment for the fans but they need to fight back.

Nuno Luz, the famous Portuguese journalist, feels Ronaldo should step up and display his leadership qualities well. He thinks, for the star it would be a catastrophe. Luz is sure that Ronaldo surely has the mentality to bounce back stronger and help his team qualify in the upcoming world cup. Luz further talks about his iron-clad mentality.

Past Scenarios of Superstars Missing the World Cup

There have been a few scenarios earlier as well when superstars missed the world cup. Alfredo Di Stephano didn’t take part in the 1958 world cup and Johan Cruyff missed out in 1970.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The King of Social Media

Ronaldo, being the kind of social media, has 367 Instagram followers followed by another 96 million on Twitter. Manchester United receives 1.36 million euros for each of its posts on the social platform. Even, interactions on his social media account reach numerous numbers. Once, a very simple tweet stating, ‘Let’s go family’, got almost half a million likes at the time of the 2018 Russia world cup.

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