Xavi’s budget reduced to 10 million Euros in January after his Barcelona Comeback

    Xavi to be Restricted by Barcelona’s Financial Constraints

    Newly recruited Barcelona manager Xavi will only be having 10 million Euros to spend in the upcoming January transfer window. He completed his return to the Spanish club last week after signing a contract until 2024. Fans are tremendously excited to have the former Spanish international as the new boss. However, the club’s financial constraints will be binding on Xavi that even restricted Ronald Koeman’s last month in charge.

    Bargain Options to be the Only Way out in Upcoming January Transfer Window 

    Ahead of the 2021-22 campaign, Barcelona managed free transfer signings. Xavi too, won’t be an exception and would be required to shop for bargain options only in the upcoming winter market. The earlier estimate of 20 million Euros for Xavi turned out to be wide of the mark, with a figure at a closer proximity to half of that a more exact figure.

    Xavi Going for Big Changes to Relive the Club’s Wage Bill? 

    Reportedly, Xavi might not be making wholesale modifications in the club squad for the upcoming months. However, he might be making some changes to unship certain high paying names to relieve the club’s bulging wage bill.

    Xavi is Utilising the International Break to Meet the Club Hierarchy 

    Xavi was officially announced as the coach for FC Barcelona on Monday. He had his first training session on Tuesday. Xavi is utilising the international break to have a meeting with the club hierarchy to make firm plans before the upcoming transfer window in January.

    After Koeman’s sacking from the club, there had been tremendous speculation regarding the new manager for the club. Many names were on the guessing list and Xavi made it ultimately. Fans are glad to have Xavi and are surely expecting something phenomenal!

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