“Seetharam Benoy: Case No. 18”: Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the Kannada film

Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of Vijay Raghavendra’s cop film has been released.  In this film, we will see Vijay Raghavendra in the lead role. It is his 50th film. The story is mainly an exquisite larger than life film that one would be expected for such a milestone. It has been cleared from the word that the film is directed with the tight budget that is barring Vijay there are no other known names in the cast.

It is the story of a tough police officer who has been transferred to the remote region where he got involved in the case of the unsolved serial burglaries in the villages. The reputation is at the take like after his arrival; the burglars start to target his home, and challenging the police departments and his investigations skills. Still, the scenario becomes changed after r the murder become connected with the case that shattered the personal life of the police officer.

Seetharam Benoy Case No. 18 review: Vijay Raghavendra's 50th film falters  in execution

It is mainly the limitation that might be overlooked. The actors have managed to strike a chord with audiences in this film, but that is never the case. It is undoubtedly an exciting premise. The filmmakers have often said that they will get an actor to come on board for this project based on the single-line narration.

This movie has made one wonder if Vijay is feeling for what will be seemed like an exciting line, but unfortunately for him, he never made it past that. The story is based on solving the string of robberies that were committed with the utmost precision and has left no proof behind SI Seetharam’s house that is aimed at by the thieves that have summed up like the loss of jeweller for his wife. Still, it is also the loss of dignity for him.

Seetharam Benoy: Case No. 18 review: This Kannada movie streaming on Amazon  Prime Video could have been so much better


This film features Vijay Raghavendra, Shreeharsha Ninasam, and Devi Prakash Akshatha.

Release date

This cop film is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is the trailer:

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