Michael Edwards leaving Liverpool!

The former English professional football, who is the current sporting director of the Premier League club, Liverpool, is said to leave his post at the end of the season. The club conceded that the former star footballer will not sign a new contract for the Reds.

Also Liverpool has made his replacement for Edwards, who will be his assistant Julian Ward, and for this time, the Reds have ensured that it will be a smooth transition. Michael Edwards was earlier engaged working at Tottenham and Portsmouth before moving to Anfield in November 2011.

The Journey of Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards was born in Liverpool and came to the club in 2012 from Manchester City. He was initially in charge of scouting in Portugal and Spain. He also played a principal role in picking up the young players in which clubs they would go and what was the right time to provide them this experience.

Loss for Liverpool

The loss of Michael Edwards for Liverpool is indeed significant. Edwards is considered as one of the best in terms of negotiators in this business. Among his best works remain the deal of 146 million pounds that he brokered with Barcelona in January 2018 for the sale of Philippe Coutinho. His departure from the club will be highly felt.

His works for Liverpool

Some of the biggest moves for Liverpool by Edwards are –

  • Signing Mohamed Salah for 39 million pounds.
  • Transferring Philippe Coutinho for 146 million pounds.
  • Signing Sadio Mane for 30 million pounds.
  • Signing Virgil van Dijik for 75 million pounds.
  • Signing Alisson Becker for 65 million pounds.
  • Transferring Rhian Brewster for 23.5 million pounds.
  • Transferring Danny Ingd for 20 million pounds.
  • Signing Andy Robertson  for 8 million pounds.
  • Transferring Dominic Solanke for 19 million pounds.
  • Transferring Danny Ward for 12.5 million pounds.

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