“Finch”: Apple TV+ film has set a new opening record this weekend

This Apple TV+ film just set the latest viewer record on the streaming service. Deadline has confirmed about the Citing unnamed sources with the knowledge of the excellent performance of the Apple TV + content. Deadline has verified that this film has the largest opening weekend ever on Apple TV+.

It is reported that this film had been announced in 2017, but due to the global pandemic situation the theatrical release of the film has become hold, Universal Pictures has sold the rights of the movie to Apple TV, which has changed the title of the film, due to some cautious reason.

Tom Hanks and a Robot Make Dystopia Fun in FINCH Trailer - Nerdist


The film’s story revolves around a man named Finch who is a robotics engineer and one of the survivors of the cataclysmic solar event that has made the world a wasteland. Finch has stayed under the world for a decade and has made his world that he just has shared with his dog, Goodyear.  Hew became forced to move as his lab became uninhabitable.

He has made a robot that has been played by Caleb Landry Jones for watching such Goodyear while he will be no longer can.  It reveals that the trio has embarked on such a perilous journey into the desolate American West, Finch becomes strives to reveal his creation, who has named himself Jeff, the Joy, and becomes wondered about the actual meaning to become alive.

Finch trailer: Tom Hanks, a robot, and a dog go on sci-fi journey | EW.com

The road trip they have travelled is full of challenges and humour, which becomes difficult for Finch to goad to Jeff and Goodyear to overcome as it is for him, just like managing dangers in this new world.


This film is starring Tom Hanks as Finch, Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff, Lora Martinez –Cunningham as Mother, Marie Wagenman as flashback daughter, Christopher Farrar as Jimmy, Oscar Avila as Truck Driver, Kennedi Butler as Sam.

Finch': Tom Hanks Movie Ending Changed Due to Pandemic – The Hollywood  Reporter

On the basis of the film, Apple is securing the rights of multiple high-profile films to bolster the popularity of Apple TV+. In the next month Apple will release “Killers of the Flower Moon” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, ‘Swan Song” also with Mahershala Ali and Naomi Harris, and ‘ Emancipation ‘ with Will Smith. This film was premiered in more than 100 countries.

Release Date

Apple TV+ has set to release the film on 5th November 2021.

Here is the trailer:

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