Arcane has finally topped after beating Squid Game on Netflix’s top 10 globally

Arcane has beat the series Squid Game and has topped on Netflix’s top 10 globally, as per FlixPatrol. The series has firstly released on Netflix on 17th September 2021. On 9th November, the series has scored 654 global points while Squid Game have 641 points.

Although Arcane has topped the list after beating Squid Game, but it has not have such dominating power in the top 10’s list like Squid Game over the past few weeks. While its noticeably lagging in some of the few countries that includes the United States that includes 9th November, it only tract at number 8 behind the likes of Maid, CoComelon, Narcos: Mexico, Big Mouth, and yes, Squid Game.

netflix global top 20 titles november 9th

It is not easy to remove the Netflix’s biggeste Original show of all time. It has been said that everyone will continue to track as the days and weeks go by.

The series named Arcane has recieved lot of applause and has build up plenty of press from Riot Games too. The series has also launch on the day that has been coincided with the final day of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. The Riot Games has streamed its first episode on Twitch.

The series has also included in the game too with rewards available in-game in both League of Legends and other Riot Games properties. It’s also extended to a Fortnite crossover and a PUBG mobile crossover too.

League of Legends is a monster game by itself. In the early November an announcement has been made that 180 million players has played one of Riot’s Runetter (which includes LoL) games every month.

Arcane is a very intersting series that one should binge and has became one of the global few shows which is not a Netflix’s original exclusive for example, that has been seen for K-dramas will be dropping in an irregular fashion rather than all at once as Squid Game did.

Arcane ‘s 4th to 6th episodes is going to be released on Netflix on 13th November i.e. today, while the final three episodes i.e. 7th-9th episodes are going to release on 20th November 2021.

The good news for the fans of League of Legends are also there. On 9th November, Netflix has made an announcement that one of their upcoming slate of games to Netflix Games is Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story which is a cross between Flappy Birds and Jetpack Joyride.

Further, additionally we have heard some rumors that a live-action project of some description could be in development but we don’t have anything conclusive enough to warrant a full article just yet.

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