Samsung Aims To Ship 334 Million Smartphones Next Year amid chip shortage

According to The Elec, Samsung has set a goal for 2022 and plans to ship 334 million smartphones next year. According to Samsung’s plan obtained by TheElec, of this total, Samsung plans to produce 285 million units by itself, and the remaining 49 million units will be delivered by joint development manufacturers.

For its flagship Galaxy S series, Samsung’s goal is to ship 54 million units in 2022. The target is 13 million for foldable phones, which is almost twice the target of 7 million in 2021. To reach the sales of 13 million foldable phones, Samsung aims to ship 4 million Galaxy Z Fold and 9 million Z Flip.

Samsung Aims To Ship 334 Million Smartphones Next Year amid chip shortage

Samsung’s goal also includes shipping 176 million ENTRY phones, which is Samsung’s name for low-end phones. Samsung divides its phones into three different tiers: ‘high’, ‘mid’ and ‘entry’.  For HIGH + MID phones, that is, mid-range phones, Samsung’s goal is to ship 91 million units. Among them, 8 million are HIGH phones, which are high-end models among mid-range phones, and 83 million are MID phones.

Samsung’s 2022 annual goal is its highest goal in recent years. Since 2018, Samsung has shipped less than 300 million smartphones each year, and Samsung’s smartphone shipments in 2013 exceeded 300 million units. Since then, until 2017, Samsung has always set its annual target at more than 300 million units.

Due to the shortage of chips and the temporary suspension of production facilities in Vietnam due to the new crown epidemic, Samsung is likely to be unable to ship more than 300 million smartphones again this year. It remains to be seen whether it can achieve the goal of 334 million smartphones next year.

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