“One Piece”: Netflix has revealed the casts of this live-action adaptation

    The live-action series Cowboy Bebo has got a massive response after hitting on Netflix within a week. Now, Netflix has set to launch the subsequent giant anime adaptation, One Piece. This new animation contains five core cast members. This Inaki Godoy will feature as Luffy D. Monkey, Mackenyu as Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Taz Skylar as Sanji. 

    All of the mentioned five characters are the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the heroes of the long-running scenes that are also up to 1000 chapters of the manga and 998 episodes of anime. You heard about 998 episodes coming out for something with the 270 hours; you can also skip the opening and the ending themes. This thing will not count about the 14 animated films. This Netflix series has an order of 10 episodes.

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    The manga author Elichiro Oda has confirmed in his statement, “We have been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the big project that is live-action Hollywood series adaptation of ‘One Piece’. How many years has it been since it was announced, right? I know, I know! But rest assured we have been making steady progress all along”.

    He also said, “It’s not easy when you are working with people from different cultures! But it’s precisely that process that can yield sometth9ing special!” Oda has continued that for now, they can announce the main cast! Instead, we need to hurry and declare it or else it will be leaked! Hilariod, lol”. All of their face, the size of their mouths and hands, their aura, the way they carry themselves, their voice, their acting skills, their height, the balance amongst the Straw Hat Grew, etc.…! They had decided on this cast after several discussions containing people around the world! These are the people who would be their Straw Hat Pirates!

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    It will take a bit more time to finish the show that they are confident will be enjoyed by everyone around the world! In the future, they also can update about the series.

    Steve Meda also acts as the showrunner for this show and will co-write and executive producer alongside Mall Owens.

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