Lionel Messi has angered PSG by exercising a specific contract provision

    Lionel Messi has triggered a condition in his contract that has perplexed PSG owners, who believe the clause is illogical given that the player is currently recovering from an injury.

    Messi, 34, was said to have been incorporated a condition in his PSG contract that permits him to prioritize matches for Argentina’s national team without hindrance from the club. Meanwhile, PSG’s sporting director Leonardo has stated that the club does not support Messi’s desire to join Argentina’s side during the international break.

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    He told Le Parisien: “We do not agree to let a player go by selection who, for us, is not in physical condition or who is in the rehabilitation phase.”

    “It is not logical, and these types of situations deserve a real agreement with FIFA.”

    Meanwhile, Messi departed Paris on Sunday evening and returned to Argentina. Argentina’s medical team is expected to evaluate Messi’s fitness ahead of their World Cup qualifier against Uruguay and Brazil. PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino also mentioned Messi’s departure for the international break on Saturday, expressing his optimism that the player will return fit.

    Pochettino said: “Tomorrow he won’t be available to play for the team. We will see if he can travel to play for his country. We hope he can go and play for his country and then return to us fit.”

    In the summer, Messi’s long quest for a title with Argentina came to an end as La Albiceleste won the America’s Cup final 1-0 over Brazil. On Sunday evening, the Barcelona icon is said to have traveled 13 hours to his hometown.

    Paredes, Messi’s Argentina teammate, hasn’t played for PSG since October due to a foot ailment. Messi and Paredes will be evaluated by the Argentine medical staff ahead of La Albiceleste’s World Cup qualifying matches against Uruguay and Brazil.

    Mauricio Pochettino said before PSG’s 3-2 win over Bordeaux on Saturday that he hoped Messi could play for Argentina and then return to the squad.

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