The income of the Premier League is likely to increase by 1 Billion Euros within the next three years!

One of the biggest football leagues in the world, i.e., the Premier League is all set to receive a massive financial boost. As per reports, the tournament is close to gaining a combined deal of 11.6 euros to sell its TV rights for the years between 2022 to 2025, to foreign as well as domestic providers. This huge amount will be distributed amongst the 20 PL clubs. As a consequence, the total TV rights income will increase by a minimum of 1 billion euros across the upcoming three years.

Sources from the Daily Mail stated that fierce bidding wars between the providers of various countries like Australia, the USA, etc., could financially prove to be beneficial for the Premier League. Also, reports from English Publication, Warner Media, Disney, along CBS are currently competing with NBC in the USA. The current right-owners, i.e., Optus is facing a four-way bidding battle with Paramount+, Stan Sport, as well as Amazon in Australia.

Various organizations to gain the TV rights of the Premier League

Reports state that beIN will keep up the TV rights in the Middle East with an exchange of 450 million euros. On the other hand, Canal+ has also renewed its deal for an amount of 300 million euros to show games in countries including Slovakia, France, and the Czech Republic.

Apart from these, deals have also been clinched with various broadcasters across Europe, including Sky Italia of Italy, Telenet of Belgium, Eleven Sports of Portugal, SAZN of Spain, and Sky Deutschland. Also in this regard, organisations including Sky Sports, BBC, Amazon, and BT will spend a massive amount of sum of 5.8 million euros to gain the TV rights of the Premier League in the United Kingdom. It is to be seen how big an impact does the Premier League experiences with securing a huge financial boost.

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