Red Notice: Netflix’s upcoming film, starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Reynolds will release on 12th November

Red Notice is the upcoming action blockbuster film of Netflix. The film is going to stream along with a star-studded cast that includes Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot in lead roles, among them all of them are the most recognizable actors of the current years and action sequences with a huge production.

The film will show us an FBI agent played by Dwayne Johnson who is going to chase the thief named Nolan Booth, the role is being portrayed by Ryan Reynolds and arrives at the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. It has come to know that Reynolda who is playing the role of Booth, the thief wants to steal an 18-karat Egyptian egg, although the relic has already been stolen.

The revelation has come to know as soon as Hartley dumps the fake egg with a coke can, so that only rusty trash remains. Although the interest in the Egyptian egg has a different backstory.


The Roman general named Mark Antony has given his love, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra three golden eggs almost 2000 years ago. After both of them died by suicide, the three pieces of eggs were got dispersed, but one of them remained in the National Museum, another is in the possession of a private collector and the third has been lost for centuries.

An Egyptian billionaire wants to collect the eggs for his daughter’s wedding and is willing to pay big money to reunite them. Hartley seems close to foiling the theft when a mysterious criminal named The Bishop (Gal Gadot) appears and frames him as the thief.

Therefore, Johnson who is an FBI agent needs to first find the three eggs and arrest Booth and Bishop if he wants to clear his name. This is enough in the film’s plot to complete the necessary ingredients of an action movie full of special effects.

Here we present the trailer:-

Criticism for Red Notice and its stars

Although it is a great time for the career of its actors and the productions behind this film, Netflix’s upcoming film Red notice has become the victim of several criticisms. Many people think that that the trio named Johnson-Reynolds-Gadot does not need a profile to give life to established action heroes and is barely enough to lead blockbusters or comedies. But this time the interpretations have not become so funny either.

Some of the film critics claim that Reynolds ends up showing unnecessary sarcasm, while the combination of his comedic talent with Johnson and Gadot is simply anything but funny.

Basically, many critics point out that it seems the final product will also not bring out any positive difference including the film, the script, and the actors. A low blow against Netflix’s bet. The film Red Notice is going to be released on 12th November on Netflix, after the release we will finally get to know if the film turns out to be a success or a fiasco.

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