Max Verstappen secures the Mexican Grand Prix title!

Max Verstappen emerged victoriously in the Mexican Grand Prix, adding one more title in his reign with efficiency. As always there was a tough fight between the young superstar and F1 legend Lewis Hamilton. Both gave a good fight to each other, but in the end, Verstappen was successful to say it is his yard now. Also, Sergio Perez performed well with his red bull, eventually finishing in the third position.

Max Verstappen after winning the race

After winning the race Max Verstappen said that his red bull has an incredible pace which helped him to do his own thing. He conceded that he was aware that he was facing a herculean endeavour to catch a dutchman. He stated that with their superior speed, he would be in trouble if they carried it into the races.

He felt that he with his Red Bull needed to win every race because they need to collect those extra points, however, they are just too quick. They are giving it everything they have got but it is not sufficient at the moment to compete with them.

Mexican Grand Prix Top 10 Standing

Check out the top 10 standings for the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix in the table below.

  1. Max Verstappen and Red Bull
  2. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes
  3. Sergio Perez and Red Bull
  4. Pierre Gasly and Alpha Tauri
  5. Charles Leclerc and Ferrari
  6. Carlos Sainz and Ferrari
  7. Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin
  8. Kimi Raikkonen and Alfa Romeo
  9. Fernando Alonso and Alpine
  10. Lando Norris and McLaren

Drivers’ Standings in 2021

Check out the standings of the drivers in 2021, after the Mexican Grand Prix.

  1. Max Verstappen with 312.5 points.
  2. Lewis Hamilton with 293.5 points.
  3. Valtteri Bottas with 185 points.
  1. Sergio Perez with 165 points.
  2. Lando Norris with 150 points.
  3. Charles Leclerc with 138 points.
  4. Carlos Sainz with 130.5 points.
  5. Daniel Ricciardo with 105 points.
  6. Pierre Gasly with 86 points.
  7. Fernando Alonso with 60 points.

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