Manchester United is comprehensively outclassed!

    It will be much difficult to remember if someone tries to think that when was the last time, the Red Devils of the football, i.e., Manchester United were outclassed in the way that they are been in done in recent times. Even in the Champions League final of 2011, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side faced defeat to Pep Guardiola’s magnificent Barcelona, but still, they showed their efficiency with their pass accuracy in the match.

    There have been so many embarrassing performances by the Red Devils, one being a 6-1 defeat against Manchester City, but everyone realized that those were off days and their form will be back soon. Though in recent times, a 5-0 defeat from Liverpool and a 2-0 defeat from their staunch rivals Manchester City, gave a feeling like Manchester United certainly needs a change now.

    Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Manchester United has been going through a tough phase for a long, and the fans have also waited for their form to come back. But seeing the continuation of off form from United, the waiting of the fans seems to have broken. And this especially happened after United lost to Manchester City, with a score of 2-0. And not only that, one of the goals between the two was an own goal by Eric Bailly signifying the tough phase of Manchester United that they are going through.

    Will there be any change?

    There will be a change at the Manchester United club, and there is a great certainty that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could probably miss his managerial post and a good replacement will come. Manchester United are currently residing in the 6th position in the current season of the Premier League. Fans will soon witness a revolution in the club, and the management will certainly look forward to better their position.

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