Ahmedabad Franchise Approaches Ravi Shastri for the Coach Position in the Upcoming IPL Season

Ravi Shastri’s tenure as the national Indian team coach will be ending soon. Quite obviously he will be in huge demand as a team coach for the upcoming IPL season. The Royal Challengers Bangalore has already approached him for the same. Reportedly a new approach has been made from the Ahmedabad franchise too. They will be a new edition to the upcoming IPL season. The new team seems to be very interested in getting Shastri in the coaching role.

Reportedly some of the outgoing staff from the national team have been approached by the new franchise for IPL 2022 and Shastri has sought more time to decide since he’s busy with the T20 World Cup now.

Virat Kohli-Ravi Shastri Duo Could be Back?

Earlier, even RCB has approached Shastri to take up the coaching position and speculations are high regarding Kohli and Shastri being back together. Virat Kohli announced his decision to give up on RCB captaincy before the season. The Royal Challengers are yet to land their first IPL trophy. Fans would love to see the Kohli-Shastri duo back and have a dazzling effect in the field.

One management official said that no franchise would like to miss out on the opportunity of appointing a result-driven and multi-faceted professional figure Ravi Shastri as the coach. He even added, all the franchises that are up for a modification in the coaching segment would target Shastri to be a part of their team.

Now, it’s a matter of time to see what eventually happens next and if Shastri is engaged with any IPL franchise this coming season. Fans would be even glad to have him back in the commentary box to experience the age-old magnificence of Shastri’s voice! It is to be seen what happens next.

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