Manchester United to introduce safe standing on New Year’s Day with a first terraced match!

The Red Devils of football, the Manchester United, will introduce safe standing along with 2 other Premier League teams with a first terraced match on New Year’s Day. The Championship along with the PL clubs will be able to offer license standing areas from the starting of the next year that is January 1, which will be part of the pilot program.

The introduction of this new policy would signify the end to the cover ban on standing on the English football divisions dwelling among the top 2. It has been in that place for more than 25 years. Along with Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea are the 2 other clubs that will introduce safe standing this season. The exact details will be confirmed by the Sports Grounds Authority by next week.

Martyn Henderson in this regard

The SGSA chief executive Martyn Henderson said in this regard that their organization, i.e., SGSA has set their focus on enjoyment as well as safety of the fans at sports grounds. They are aware of the fact that fans want the choice to stand with the arrival of modern engineering solutions. Their research has shown that how this scenario can be managed with ease and safety.

Will work with clubs and fans to introduce Safe Standing – Says Nigel Huddleston

Minister Nigel Huddleston who has been a member of parliament of the United Kingdom, said that they have been clear that they will work with fans as well as the clubs in the introduction of the safe standing system at football grounds. This will also provide evidence of installing seats that will have barriers giving a positive impact on the crowd safety. Fans will see this new system soon, and the New Year of the football world will begin on a high note.

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