Barcelona FC having problems with the payoff for their former manager Ronald Koeman after being sacked!

The La Liga giants Barcelona FC are having problems with the payoff for their former manager Ronald Koeman after he was sacked from the club. The decision of exterminating Ronald Koeman was made by the current president of the club Joan Laporta along with the Barcelona board, last week. As per reports, the club has to pay their former manager 12 million euros as a payoff.

A close journalist friend of Koeman, Lluis Canut said to Catalunya Radio that he the former coach of the club won’t compromise on a single cent of the money, and want to take every single bit of it from the club.

Canut explaining about the payoff

Lluis Canut even explained more about the payoff which Camp Nou have to give their former manager. The value is 12 million euros but the journalist cleared the thing that there is nothing to do with the Dutch federation, which is to sign him, and that value was a huge amount of 5 million euros that Barca paid him straight away.

He further stated that he is not aware if these 12 includes what has to be paid for only him or the amount to be paid for the technical team, considering the fact he delayed 45 per cent of his salary last season at the club during the initial phase of the COVID pandemic.

The CEO of Barcelona FC, Ferran Reverter has asked Ronald Koeman to take a pay cut. In the first conversation they had in between, the CEO asked the manager to take a cut of around 7 or 8 million from the total payoff of 12 million euros.

What will Ronald Koeman Do?

Ronald Koeman will certainly not give up any of his cents from Barcelona FC. He will certainly take that 12 million euro from his former club either by or by crook. Lluis Canut stated that it is a contract signed by both the parties and not only by the Barcelona board. It is a recognized contract and it is not about letting it off but has to be paid.

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