Vinicius takes Real Madrid to victory!

Brazilian footballer Vinicius or better known as Vini Jr. is currently gaining newer heights by playing for Real Madrid. Madrid who hasn’t been much dominant like their past years, was in a search of some young talents from whom they could get long term benefits. And considering the performance of Vinicius, they are a bit successful at present. The young blood helped his club to gain victory against Elche at Manuel Martinez Valero by a score of 2-1, both being scored by him.

The match

The match started with Real Madrid having an upper hand against their opposition. Soon they netted a goal which was scored by Vinicius, and Madrid got an early lead. Though since then to the half time there was no goal scored and Real Madrid initially came to the dressing room with a 1-0 lead.

Coming back in the second half, the fight was 50-50 between the two, however, Madrid were still the favourites for their brand value and also for the 1-0 lead. However things were going normally, Vinicius again scored a goal in the 73rd minute giving his team a 2-0 lead against Elche. Though Pere Milla from Elche succeeded to score a goal for his team in the 86th minute, till then the match was full in Madrid’s pocket, and the credit goes to Vini Jr.

Vinicius – a new star

The Brazilian plus Real Madrid winger Vinicius has set his standards high. Football fans especially from Real Madrid have much expectation from him from now onwards, and it doesn’t seem like he will put everyone down. Real Madrid will also have a special focus set on Vinicius and will certainly look on bettering him to get long term benefits. It is to be seen how the 21-year old shines for the Spanish giants.

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