PSG star Neymar replies at the critics!

    The Brazilian superstar and the PSG star footballer Neymar Jr. stated that he should be fully judged on the performance that he delivers on the field, based on him claiming himself as a partygoer in Paris. The Brazilian forward player moved to the Ligue 1 giants, Paris Saint Germain 4 years back in 2017, for a transfer amount of 198 million pounds which is still a world record.

    However, there have been many instances when the star footballer’s photographs in nightclubs and lavish bars have been seen since he came here. The 29-year-old athlete disclosed that he hangs out outside only at the time when he doesn’t have any training session the next day. Further, he stated that he has a personal trainer who is near with him for approximately 24 hours to keep him his level on the pitch.

    Neymar in this regard

    In this regard Neymar said that he speaks of respect because people say to him that he doesn’t take care of himself, he is this and that and all. He also questioned in general how someone can be at the top for so many years without taking care of himself? Nobody gets this simple equation that he has a physical trainer as well as a physiotherapist for near 24 hours.

    He only goes out when he can and when it is possible for him and when he is aware of the fact that he won’t train the next day. He won’t stop doing anything and he is not even answerable for those things which he does in his personal life.

    The Brazilian photographed in multiple areas

    Neymar has been photographed in multiple areas starting from attending a birthday party of the French model Cindy Bruna, attending the race of the F1 champion Lewis Hamilton along with Mbappe and Marco Verratti, etc. The Brazilian doesn’t find any logic in he doing some travelling in his personal life related with his performance in his profession. He staunchly believes they can win titles together with having Argentine legend Lionel Messi in their side.

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