Automated offside system to be featured in Qatar World Cup of 2022

It is now officially confirmed that the automated offside system is going to be featured in the upcoming World Cup edition at Qatar from November 2022. Hawk-Eye gave official confirmation to the official organization of the football world cup, FIFA, that there will be a new technology used in the World Cup that will capable of automatically detecting off-sides.

Even it was reported in the last year that this sort of highly advanced technology must be ready to use during the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Reports from The Times stated that FIFA will show the findings as well as the results in a meeting with the IFAB (International FA Boards) football along with technical panels on Wednesday.

The New System

Refereed might miss out sometimes to give an off-side if it is, as a mistake can certainly take place through a human. Hence the new system will from now on the handle the business. It works by sending an automatic message to the VAR. This will then be able to judge whether it is an offside or not.

Computers as well as the cameras do the work of tracking players as well as the ball. Here, artificial intelligence will determine whether a player is one offside or not when at that moment the ball was kicked by that respective player.

Trials for this new system

This new system has already been on trial in the Premier League matches, as well as in the Champions League. Also, talks are there that this technology could also be sued in Serie A, in the second phase of the season. Overall, the new technology will be fully examined as well as experimented with before it is implemented in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is designed with the motive that both sides get a fair judgement.

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