Manchester United Owners loses in the race of the two new IPL teams!

Misery is continuing for Manchester United as from all sorts of sports they are facing issues. Earlier on Sunday, they got a humiliating defeat from Liverpool, and on Monday only they missed out on buying an IPL team.

The Red Devils were one of the 10 parties who were in the race to bid for the two new IPL teams, which are to be inducted in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the United owners are also the owners of NFL outfit Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who didn’t succeed in expanding their empire after bidding less than 500 million pounds.

The two owners of the new IPL teams!

The United owners didn’t go further than 500 million pounds. Instead, the Ahmedabad franchise went to CVC Capital partners who are the global private equity firms, and also has shares in rugby’s Six Nations and Premiership as well as in La Liga.

On the other hand, Sanjiv Goenka leading the RPSG group bought the Lucknow team with the highest bid around 675 million pounds. Brijesh Patel, the Chairman of IPL said in this regard that the level of interest among the parties who were very interested proved that IPL is one of the most popular and sought sporting leagues all over the world.

Bad Luck for Manchester United!

Many football cum cricket fans expected that the Man United owners will surely be one of the new IPL team owners. However other two parties were able to bid more than United did. Though like a match, in a suction also one will win and the other will lose, still it is a sort of humiliation especially after their terrible defeat against Liverpool by a margin of 5-0. The United unfortunately were not able to boost their Premier League club’s profile in India.

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