David Beckham is slammed after the news of him becoming the face of the 2022 World Cup got aired!

The former professional English footballer, David Beckham, faced a huge backlash after the news of him becoming the face of the 2022 World Cup got aired. Reports cleared it that he will be the face of the upcoming world cup which will take place in Qatar despite concerns surrounding various abuses regarding human rights in the country.

A deal was signed where it was stated that it was worth up to 150 million pounds. The former captain of the English football team will act as the ambassador of the country and will do the work of promoting tourism as part of the deal.

However, for accepting this deal, David Beckham is under fire as, all the campaigners and other fans have pointed out the fact of human rights controversies which is surrounding Qatar, who will be hosting the next football world cup.

Pressure from Amnesty International to David Beckham

Amnesty International UK has started pressurizing Beckham by urging him to be aware of the deeply concerning human rights that are present in the host nation and he should also make him prepare to speak about it when the time comes.

Criticizing the footballer

David Beckham at present is extremely criticized by most people and football fans. The 46-year-old is alleged by the reason that he has been influenced to endorse a country where gays and women suffer from horrendous abuse.

The CEO of Amnesty International UK, Sacha Deshmukh said that it is not very surprising that David Beckham desired to make him involved with the greatest event in the football world. But he also stated that they will try their level best aware of the human rights situation of the country, and should also make aware him to speak of the fact.

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