UEFA thinking about inviting Brazil and Argentina for the Nations League Competition

The UEFA is currently thinking about a very big project to get executed. The UEFA Nations League got over this past international break with Spain being defeated by France, and the Frenchmen took the trophy home. However, sources verify that the upcoming edition of this league could be a bit different.

Sources from Marca state that Reports from La Gazzetta Dello Sport said, alongside UEFA being eager to conduct the FIFA World Cup every 2 years, the governing authority of Europe also wants to have a Global National League, considering the same format, that includes the European teams along with guests from other confederations.

UEFA in a plan to invite Argentina and Brazil

Reports that UEFA is strategizing to invite both Argentina and Brazil for the next edition of the tournament. It is sure that anything the result comes, but UEFA will attempt to execute this big thing for sure.

This idea came into being when both UEFA and Conmebol had very good relationships. Alejandro Dominguez and Ceferin both reached an agreement, which said that they will set up an office in London in early November. Both the entries will consist of representatives and will debate on various issues.

The advantages

One of the greatest advantages if the plan gets executed, will be that both Brazil and Argentina will be able to strengthen their team with more practice and play.

Though they are already very much efficient teams with both playing the final of Copa America 2020, but in reality, the race of improving more never ends, hence making it a great chance for the South American countries. As per the present World Cup qualifying table, their South American counterparts are situated two steps behind both of them.

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