The World of E1: New Electric Powerboat Racing Series focuses to bring back ‘rock and roll’ to racing, Emulate Formula E and F to save the Planet

    Rodi Basso did an amazing job as the Maclaren Motorsports Managing Director. Therefore, no changes were to be made at that time. Quite interestingly, after two years Basso is assisting to drive a brand new experimental startup. Other than being untested, it’s even the first in the world.

    New Electric Powerboat Racing to bring back Rock and Roll

    The Italian star’s aim is pretty clear. He’s helping set up the world’s first electric Powerboat Racing Championship to boost up the marine industry and bring back rock and roll to racing. Even though it isn’t the agenda of a sports buff, powerboating wouldn’t be out of place on a Star Wars set. Top tier racing setup in certain mesmerizing locations and also across some remote locations, aimed at saving the planet?

    Basso, his wife Guiliana, and his close friend Alejandro Agag had discussions regarding how the marine industry is kept behind. There are electric cars and Formula 1 has electric versions. Rally racing is there too. But the presence of electrical boats is coveted. Hence, E1 digs in.

    Basso has been a supreme sailor and engineering expert, having worked with NASA, Ferrari, and Red Bull. Consequently, he’s well aware of the technical details and has got experience with racing too. Agag happens to be a former politician and his business acumen. They collaborated with Norwegian designer, Seabird Technology’s Sophi Horne and Victory Marine’s Brunello Acampora for the boat design.

    Extreme E has stated its commitment to protecting the environment as well as looking after gender equality. Male and female drivers will be having equal duties. The ‘Legacy Programme’ will be supporting the race location like mangrove buds in Nigeria, Senegal socially. The further updates regarding this will be given soon.

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