Max Verstappen gets the maximum votes as the most popular F1 driver

    In the present scenario, young Max Verstappen and F1 legend Lewis Hamilton are going on a head-to-head competition for the championship. However, the former one has already beat the latter as the most favorite F1 driver among the fans. As per the Global Survey results, which were released on Thursday, ahead of the US Grand Prix. The survey got a response from more than 187 countries and 167,000 fans.

    Max Verstappen who has already proved himself as one of the best F1 drivers of all time, got a higher percentage of votes. The 24-year-old was voted by 14.4% of the fans as their favorite driver and ranked at the top. Not only do younger ones vote for him, because Verstappen is himself young too, but age group from 35 to 54, voted him as well. The Dutch-Belgian driver is indeed rocking the world right now.

    Also among the favorite teams, McLaren was selected as the favorite, as they got 29.5 votes, ranking first among all 5. Check out the list of top 10 favorite drivers and top 10 favorite teams as per the F1 global, below.

    Top 10 F1 Favorite Drivers

    Check out the top 10 F1 favorite drivers with their rank and vote percentage in the table below.

    RankDriver NameVote Percentage
    1Max Verstappen14.4%
    2Lando Norris13.7%
    3Lewis Hamilton12.5%
    4Daniel Ricciardo10.2%
    5Sebastian Vettel9%
    6Charles Leclerc7.4%
    7Fernando Alonso7.3%
    8Kimi Raikkonen5.4%
    9George Russell4%
    10Pierre Gasly2.9%
    Top 10 Favorite F1 Drivers

    Top 5 F1 favorite teams

    Check out the top 5 favorite teams with their ranks and vote percentage in the table below.

    RankDriver NameVote Percentage
    2Red Bull19.7%
    Top 5 Favorite F1 teams

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