Various changes were put forward after the initial failure of the European Super League!

    Various changes were executed after the European Super League was an initial failure. Fans got to see some new changes when the super league struck back on Tuesday, which was some time after Spanish Govt., postponed itself against its possible creation officially.

    Sources stated that the creators of this super league pushed it for the second time to take place. Though no signatures or stamps were found. The documents found as sources stated that the Super League creators weren’t planning to break away from the current structure of football. They want to go on with the current ecosystem only.

    UEFA Shots

    The document also stated that the UEFA which organizes all the European football competitions, for 30 years, hasn’t changed or modified any aspect of the game, and consequently it has become boring. It indicated removing the concept of permanent members of a particular club, signifying that they are open to going to the new clubs with their fans saying that they don’t want a close league.

    The Key points for European Super League

    Below mentioned are the key points which the European Super League attempted to build.

    • No permanent members will be there from now.
    • The European Super League will not break the football ecosystem which is established for long.
    • The role of UEFA creates structural conflict.
    • The European Super League is a sort of recognition of a broken system.
    • The UEFA organization has close ties with all the respective owners of the club.
    • Inadequate financial control.
    • Champions League lacks a high level of matches.
    • There is hardly any transparency which is related to accounting matters.
    • The European Union is gradually losing its control over football.
    • Also, in the current model of the UEFA, clubs from big cities which are in smaller countries will not be able to compete.

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