Philippe Coutinho answers his Barca doubters

Star footballer of Barcelona, Philippe Coutinho, gave a firm reply regarding his present position at Camp Nou. At present, Coutinho is often considered as an extra member of Ronal Koeman’s team in the last 12 months followed by his knee surgery.

Earlier on, Koeman disclosed that in the last summer transfer window, they wanted to offload their star footballer to decrease their burden of wage and better their financial condition. However, with no buyers found for Coutinho, he stayed at Camp Nou. Consequently, for long he is found as the extra man in the team.

Philippe Coutinho for Barcelona

As per the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Philippe Coutinho said that he has suffered from hard times, but at present, he is better. He also stated that he is feeling very good to score a goal after a long time, especially when the team has won.

Answering his doubters

Many Barca fans, as well as football fans, are very much eager to know what will be the future of Coutinho at Camp Nou. Though it is just a time factor to be seen. He further said after scoring the goal that he has more desire than even after through everything he has done. It is indeed very difficult to but it is not anything more than a scar which even makes him more powerful and hence he wants to succeed and wants to be the best of Philippe Coutinho.

What will be the upcoming scenarios?

At present, Barcelona is facing a hard time, from various sides, starting from the poor financial condition, losing matches and all. Though the support from the young talents present there is a positive sign. But seeing the consequences for most of the matches, fans can probably see Philippe Coutinho soon in regular action.

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