PSG initiates player swap with Barca to please Lionel Messi

Reports from El Nacional, state that the Ligue 1 giants, Paris Saint-Germain have proposed a player-swap method with Barcelona FC. It is thought that this step is taken by the French capital to please the Argentine Legend Lionel Messi and keep him happy so that he stays with the club for long.

The former Barcelona star footballer departed from Camp Nou in the last summer transfer window, after the board disclosed that the club will not be able to keep Messi due to their financial constraints. Following this, the Argentine agreed on a contract with PSG who provided him with a good project along with several comrades.

Messi in PSG

Messi spent most of his football career in Barcelona. Hence adopting a new life in Paris will certainly be a time factor for the Argentine legend. PSG is now on a plan to boost Messi’s morale by offering an option for player trade to Barcelona.

As per reports, the player trade from Paris to Barca will include Sergio Aguero moving to the Ligue 1 giants whereas Mauro Icardi will return to the La Liga giants. It is stated as a perfect deal with both being good forward players.

The deal

Argentine star footballer Sergio Aguero arrived at Los Blancos this summer to play alongside his national fellow mate Messi. However, the former Barca captain left in the same window, and also Aguero got injured and haven’t appeared for Barca for months.

On the other hand, striker Icardi hasn’t been in a prominent role for his present club PSG, since his transfer from Inter Milan. Icardi was once a part of Barcelona’s La Masia in the initial phases of his career. Hence if this deal gets executed, it will be a homecoming for the Argentine. However, sources state that at present Barcelona is not very interested in the proposed deal. It is to be seen if things change in the future.

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