Cristiano Ronaldo’s pressing inability creating a problem for Manchester United

    Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus and joined Manchester United this summer. Manchester United has bought the football star Cristiano Ronaldo for around €15m. He has signed a two-year contract until 2023 and there’s also an option for another year.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a lethal finisher and he has scored a huge number of goals in football history. Ronaldo is scoring goals for Manchester United as well but, he not pressing the players. So the other players have to work more as he is not pressing the opposition players. In a match, while defending there are only 10 players to defend, so Manchester United is facing a huge problem.

    In the list of Forwards pressing in Premier League Cristiano Ronaldo is in the last in number. His pressing rate is 2.7.

    Fowards players pressing stats in Premier League 1

    Manchester United are arguably too flawed in other areas to really make this kind of system work, with Solskjaer also showing his inexperience in this kind of job, having never before coached such a big name.

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