Ousmane Dembele is reportedly going to leave Barcelona on a free deal

Barcelona FC has been in struggling phases for a long. From having a poor financial condition to losing matches, and players leaving the club or getting injured, Camp Nou is certainly going through their darkest hours. Also, various reports are now stating that their star winger, Ousmane Dembele is going to leave the club for free after no agreement in contract talks.

Ousmane Dembele going to leave Camp Nou

Journalist Matteo Moreno stated that the star footballer of Barcelona is going to leave the club on a free deal. Sources state that he refused to extend his contract with his present club. Also, the Frenchman has no worries to leave his present club, as he knows that he is in great demand, and could get a chance in any other renowned clubs of the world with ease.

Even various Premier League clubs have shown interest in the Frenchman, with Manchester United being on the top. Also, getting such a valuable player on a free deal will be a moment for any of the clubs to capitalize.

Man United’s interest in the Frenchman

The Red Devils are much interested in Ousmane Dembele especially concerning the situation where Dembele himself wants to leave. Also, United doesn’t know that whether Raheem Sterling will extend his contract with them or not. In this situation, they must be ready for a good replacement as well.

Barca again in front of a hurdle

Hurdles for Barcelona are not going to end soon. And from that, if Dembele leaves the club, more hurdles will come to them as well. Though if Barca losses Dembele, they did have good replacements this winter. Camp Nou will then strategize on getting the French footballer on a loan deal which will be on a compulsory purchase option.

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