Samsung’s new SSD 980 Pro is specifically designed to increase the storage capacity of Sony’s PlayStation 5

    For those who are lucky enough to own a PlayStation 5 and are looking for an easy way to expand the internal storage of your PlayStation 5, the Samsung has just made a unique model of the 980 Pro SSD specially designed for Sony’s console.

    The new SSD comes in 1-terabyte and 2-terabyte versions, and also has a heatsink to help during prolonged gaming sessions. The SSD can also easily exceed Sony’s recommended sequential speed for a PlayStation 5 expansion drive, which is pretty amazing.

    The PlayStation 5’s internal SSD is so fast that it forced Epic to rewrite parts of its Unreal Engine 5 to account for the speedier storage architecture in the new console. Sony had advertised the storage capacity to be 825 gigabytes, of which users can use only a maximum of 667 gigabytes to hold their game library. If you have some of the major A-listers running on your SSD then you’re likely to run into space issues even if you use Sony’s compression technology to reduce installation sizes.

    Some titles like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War easily reach up to 300 gigabytes, and other notably high size titles include Spider-Man Miles Morales (170.5 gigabytes), Hitman 3 (105 gigabytes), Destiny 2 (101 gigabytes), NBA 2K22 (93 gigabytes), The Last of Us 2 (93 gigabytes), Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut (91 gigabytes), Mortal Kombat 11 (84 gigabytes), Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition (68 gigabytes), Cyberpunk 2077 (64 gigabytes), FIFA 21 (56 gigabytes), Demon’s Souls (53 gigabytes), and Dirt 5 (53 gigabytes).

    For those who own some of these games and for those crazy ones who own all of these games, the M.2 expansion port on the PlayStation 5 comes to their rescue. Sony officially added M.2 software support last month, and now Samsung has announced that it redesigned its excellent 980 Pro SSD specifically for Sony’s console.

    The SSD also comes with a heatsink and as Samsung describes, this heatsink is necessary to deliver sustained speeds of up to 7,000 megabytes per second for sequential reads and up to 5,100 megabytes per second for sequential writes.

    The new SSD will become available at retailers and on Samsung’s online store on October 29. The 1-terabyte model will set you back $249.99, and the 2-terabyte model will be priced at $449.99.


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