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Liverpool FC is keen to bring Joao Felix to their club in the upcoming transfer window in January

Sources state that Liverpool FC is very much interested in bringing 21-year-old La Liga star Joao Felix to their team. Liverpool is looking forward to strengthening their forward department will probably make this transfer in January from Atletico Madrid.

However, the major concern here regarding the transfer is the amount on which the Portuguese would come. The Reds would need to pay around a minimum of 68 million pounds or 80 million euros for the young blood.

It is unlikely that Liverpool will succeed in this plan!

Concerning the present scenario, it is unlikely that Liverpool will be successful in bringing Joao Felix to their club. Felix’s contract will be valid till 2026, and also Atletico Madrid at present is working on settling their title defense.

Club Career of Joao Felix

Joao Felix has been a great player for Atletico Madrid since 2019. Madrid signed him 2 years back, and till now Joao Felix has appeared for the club, 61 times scoring 13 goals. Also, he had a good club career before playing for Madrid. When he used to play for Benfica B from 2016 to 2018, he netted 12 goals in 30 appearances, and also netted 15 goals in 26 appearances playing for Benfica from 2018 to 2019.

Seeing Joao Felix’s record, and goals per match, he would certainly be a dream transfer for any of the football clubs. And also, looking after an efficient young generation player is the right path towards future planning, as he can deliver to the club on a long-term basis.

What will Liverpool do?

Perceiving the scenarios of the defending champions Atletico Madrid, in their mission of retaining their title, it seems unlikely that they will let a player like Joao Felix go. Though nothing is confirmed yet, as Liverpool has just shown a keen interest in the player. Further measures are yet to take place.

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