Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ola Cars were established to help customers in the purchase of new and pre-owned cars

Ola, the Indian startup, has risen to become the country’s largest mobility platform and the company has just recently announced its new vehicle commerce platform, Ola Cars, to help customers purchase new as well as pre-owned vehicles through its Ola App.

The company made a statement in which it offered a bouquet of services to its customers. The services ranged from purchase, vehicle finance, and insurance, registration, maintenance including vehicle health diagnostics and service, accessories, and finally resale of the vehicle back to Ola Cars. “It will be a one-stop shop for customers looking at hassle-free buying, selling, and managing their cars.”

The company will begin its service first with pre-owned vehicles and then over time, Ola will open it up for new vehicles from Ola Electric and other automotive brands as well Starting with 30 cities. The company has plans of expanding its operating to a scale up to over 100 cities by next year.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Ola said “With Ola Cars, we are bringing a completely new experience for buying, selling, and overall ownership for both new and owned vehicles.” The company also announced the appointment of Arun Sirdeshmukh as Chief Executive Officer of Ola Cars.

“With Ola Cars, we are completely reimagining not just buying and selling but also vehicle finance, insurance, as well as maintenance – and end-to-end digital-first experience for our customer. We have plans to expand aggressively over the next few months across India and international markets and also launch new verticals in this business including pre-owned 2W and new vehicles.”

The establishment of Ola Cars is a part of Ola’s larger plan of new mobility that encompasses three parts, firstly, New Mobility Services expanding from 150 to 500 cities and increasing the reach from 100mn people to 500mn people. And then, secondly, the company plans to introduce New Energy Vehicles with EVs across existing form factors, and lastly, New Auto Retail seeks to improve the entire lifecycle of vehicle ownership for a customer.


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