AMD’s Change Makers First Episode: featuring Vedantu CEO and Co-Founder Vamsi Krishna

AMD presents Change Makers, a new series where we meet the innovators from the world of Business who share their story of relentless dedication, continuous hard work, and the unwavering belief to bring an idea to life.

In the first episode of Change Makers, we get a glimpse at the amazing and relentless dedication which originated from the vision of one of the top entrepreneurs of India, Mr. Vamsi Krishna, the CEO and Co-Founder of Vedantu. While we are amazed at its creative brilliance, what we don’t realize is the relentless dedication, continuous hard work, and the unwavering belief of the minds behind it.

In the episode of Change Makers, Mr. Krishna talks about the amazing journey of Vedantu, as the platform is one of the first online interactive tutoring platforms which introduced an online interactive tutoring platform in India. At Vedantu, the teachers provide internet tutoring to students using a real-time virtual learning environment called WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) which is an in-house technology.

Vedantu has its brand ambassador as Aamir Khan and the company was founded by four friends from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) which are currently running the organization: Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder, Head Product), Saurabh Saxena (Co-Founder, Head Academics) and Anand Prakash (Co-Founder).

“For the love of it, we learned. Not for some test pressure or high mark scoring. It was this love and happiness of learning that Vedantu’s four founders wanted to replicate through their start-up. Logic, Physics, and Mathematics came to me naturally.”

At Vedantu, the students are the ones who choose when to study, and they can always focus on the curriculum and be under the guidelines of the instructor. The student has 24-hour access and only needs to have an Internet connection to access the material of the course to which the student has opted for.

When the online learning platform first started, the value of online learning was not so much as it is today. However, after the pandemic struck, remote learning became the go-to platform as education took a major hit due to social distancing.

The founders of Vedantu, Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash, and Pulkit Jain, made their first educational venture, Lakshya, in 2006, which was later acquired in 2012 by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials).

The journey of Vedantu is an inspiring one and is proof that Changes can be brought by the simplest of ideas if you believe and work towards it.


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