Samsung to manufacture only 20 Million units for its upcoming Galaxy S22 Series

    South Korean tech giant, Samsung Electronics is getting ready for the launch of its next-gen Galaxy S22 series of smartphones. We can expect the new Galaxy lineup to launch in early 2022 and will reportedly feature three models.

    Recently a new report has surfaced online which suggests that the company is planning on producing 20 million units of the latest flagship phones. According to sources, the South Korean tech giant is planning on producing 20 million units of its Galaxy S22 series.

    However, there is also a statement which states that around 50% or more of the production and shipping will be done for a single model alone. And yes, we are talking about the base Galaxy S22 which will reportedly sport a smaller 6.1-inch display compared to the 6.2 inches on its predecessor, the Galaxy S21.

    The base variant will account for around 50 to 60 percent of the total number of Galaxy S22 series shipments. Much like the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22+ will also be losing 0.1 inches off of its display, with its screen size going from 6.7 inches to 6.6 inches. Coming to the Plus version, it will account for 20 percent of the total units from the entire series being produced and shipped while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will make up for the remaining 20 to 30 percent.

    On other hand, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will still sport a similar 6.8-inch display over its previous iteration, but will now include housing for the S Pen. However, the newly stated 20 million units for production means the new series now has a 33 percent decline in production over the 30 million units produced for the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year.

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