Money Heist’s director has written an emotional post on Instagram about The Professor and Tokyo

The director of the series Money Heist named Jesus Colmenar has recently revealed what he went through while making the fan’s favorite character named The Professor which has been played by the actor Alvaro Morte.

On Sunday, Jesus Colmenar, the director of the series has written a retrospective post on Instagram about how he has built the character The Professor with Alvaro “layer by layer”. He also shared a picture with the Spanish star and has written that “@alvaromorte, I remember many times when we met, the casting, the nerves. The work of composing a character never seen before. Building the Professor with you, layer by layer, was one of the most special shared experiences of my career. You gave everything for this character. Everything. And you managed to create something unforgettable (sic).”

Further, Jesus has also thanked all his audiences for making Money Heist a humongous success in another post, he stated, “Thank you for your passionate reactions, for your messages of affection, for your comments, for feeling the series as much as we do. Thank you for being on the other side of the screen,” read an excerpt of his caption.

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Recently Jesus has also posted an emotional note for actor Ursula Corbero who has portrayed the role of Tokyo. In season 5 of Money Heist, we have seen Tokyo sacrificing her own life in order to save her fellow gang members, along with it she has taken down Gandia, who has caused enough damage to the robbers till then.

Jesus’s Spanish caption loosely translated reads, “Nothing can erase the trace of this adventure from our souls, @ursulolita. Nothing nor nobody. Even if this is only the beginning of our next life. Here we are, the two of us, leaving the cinema where you saw the final chapter for the first time, with our eyes puffy from crying so much. What a pleasure and an honor to direct you. It has been a wonderful journey building this legendary character with you. Thank you Tokio … my grândola brunette, inexhaustible fighter, guerrilla for freedom, guardian angel … Thank you for so much, Úrsula.”

While we know Tokyo is dead, the fate of The Professor remains to be seen.

Season 5 of Money Heist is going to be the final season of the series. Part I of season 5 was released in the last month, consisting of five episodes. The rest of the five episodes will stream on Netflix on 3rd December 2021.

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