Sunday, October 24, 2021

iPhone 13 bug which prevented users from unlocking their device using Apple Watch is now fixed

Last week Apple started the sale of its much anticipated iPhone 13 and the smartphone came with one of the most powerful SoC in the smartphone market, the A15 Bionic. The latest iPhone is powered by iOS 15 and includes many updates to the security of the device along with never-before-seen features and UI updates.

However, the new line of iPhones caused some unexpected errors to its users who have reported a bug in the latest iPhones. This bug was related to the Apple Watch and many users had complained to the Cupertino giant of the existence of this bug.

Since then Apple has leaped into action has now fixed the bug which prevented the device from being unlocked with an Apple Watch. This bug has irritated most of the early adopters of the new iPhone 13 lineup since many of them likely have Apple Watches and use the feature to bypass Face ID, which can’t be used with masks on.

After logging in several complaints of the users, Apple offered a fix for this bug in the form of an iOS 15.0.1 software update. Apple has included this new feature into its iPhone 13 series and Apple Watch earlier this year and the main aim of this feature is to make life easier for mask-wearing customers during the pandemic.

Many of the adopters of the iPhone have been in anticipation of this new feature and were waiting to try it out, but to the dismay of many, it didn’t work for many iPhone 13 users out of the box.

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