Britney Spears celebrating the suspension of conservatorship

The pop star Britney Spears has reacted after a judgement of suspension of conservatorship, where a judge has suspended her father from the 13-year conservatorship and has enabled him to control her life and finances. She has said that she is on “cloud 9 right now” without directing referencing the judgement.

She has also shared a couple of videos of herself flying an aeroplane on her Instagram page. The full caption stated, “On cloud 9 right now 🤩☁️✈️ !!!! First time flying a plane and the first time in a prop plane ✈️ !!! Geez, I was scared 😳 🙄 !!! Pssss bringing the ship 🛳 home, JL … Stay classy beautiful people !!!! New pics coming soon 📷😉✨ !!!!”

In one of the videos, we have seen that she was sitting inside the cockpit and was taking instructions from the pilot. The second one is a slow-motion video that is looking at a rotating propeller.

While her earlier Instagram posts were suspect, as fans wondered whether it was really her, nobody questioned the originator of the latest post. She has also promised that she will share new photos “soon.”

As per the Associated Press, her fiancé Sam Asghari ​has celebrated the judgement by sharing a photo of a lioness and captioned it “The power of the lioness!!!!! #freebritney.” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny on Wednesday said the conservatorship arrangement “reflects a toxic environment.”

This year in the month of June, she has asked the court to end her conservatorship in no uncertain terms. She has said in a video statement, “I just want my life back… It’s enough… I deserve to have the same rights as anybody does.”

A conservatorship is a kind of adult guardianship in the US that empowers a conservator to be in complete control of the conservatee’s career, life and finances if the latter is deemed unfit to take care of such things themselves.

In 2019, Britney had announced that she would not perform until her father was removed as her conservator.

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